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About Us

Well-known for its high quality and innovation, Probelle offers a complete range of the finest beauty products. Probelle was founded in 2013 with only two products that revolutionized the nail care industry with a focus on restoring and maintaining healthy natural nails. In 2014, Probelle introduced an entire line of fashionable nail polish colors and nail treatments targeting solutions to most nail problems. Today, Probelle is happy to offer a large variety of nail polish colors, a complete line of nail treatments, and handmade essential tools for manicure, pedicure, and tweezing.

Probelle focuses its number one priority on high quality and innovation. Our nail polish is renowned worldwide for its high shine and long lasting formulation, our nail treatments deliver the highest reputation on restoring and maintaining healthy natural nails, and to complement the line we manufacture all essential tools by hand in Germany with 100% stainless steel. As a leader in the beauty industry we are always innovating and manufacturing the best products at the best affordable prices to consumers.

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