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Nail Hardener Formulas

Give Your Nails Some Muscle with Probelle's Nail Strengthener Formulas

Do you have brittle and/or chipped nails? This can be a frustrating issue to deal with; not to mention unattractive. Wearing regular nail polish can exacerbate the problem and cause even more damage. You will need to buy nail strengthener, like the ones offered here at Probelle Beauty to heal, protect, and maintain your nails.

Prevent Damage and Breaks with Our Nail Hardener

Nail hardeners are designed to treat problematic nails by preventing chipping and acting as a protective coat. They can also increase the lifetime of manicures and pedicures.

Probelle offers two nail hardener formulas to help strengthen and protect your nails:

  • Probelle Nail Hardener Formula 1: This unique nail hardener was formulated to restore, repair, and cure damaged nails. It corrects and prevents thin nails by creating a protective barrier over your nail and, when used as recommended, will restore the health of your nails within 2-3 weeks. It should be used daily for the best results.
  • Probelle Nail Maintenance Formula 2: Made with lime and garlic, this formula will help you maintain the health of your nails as well as protect them against fungus. It will also restore nail whiteness to give you the look that you've always wanted. This formula should be used after completing the recommended regimen for Formula 1.

Buy Nail Strengthener Online with Probelle

We are a progressive nail polish manufacturer that is dedicated to helping our customers treat, maintain, and grow healthy nails. Our groundbreaking nail strengthener formulas will restore the health of nails in just a matter of weeks

We also offer a line of nail lacquers, in the brightest and trendiest colors, that are guaranteed to change the look of your nails with just one application. Interested in learning more about the products that we offer? Call us 1-(800) 448-6098 and get started on a path to healthier nails today.

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